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Biography of Lee Krasner, Abstract Expressionist Artist

Biography of Lee Krasner, Abstract Expressionist Artist Lee Krasner (born Lena Krassner; October 27, 1908–June 19, 1984), an American painter of Russian-Jewish descent, was a pioneering Abstract Expressionist of the New York School. For decades, her reputation was overshadowed by that of her late husband, painter Jackson Pollock, whose superstardom and tragic death distracted from her own career. Years after Pollocks death, however, Krasner received recognition for her own artistic accomplishments. Fast Facts: Lee Krasner Occupation: Artist (Abstract Expressionist) Also Known As: Lena Krassner (given name); Lenore Krasner Born: October 27, 1908 in Brooklyn, New YorkDied: June 19, 1984 in New York City, New YorkEducation: The Cooper Union, National Academy of Design Spouse: Jackson PollockKey Accomplishment: Krasner remains one of the few women artists to have her work exhibited in a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. Early Life Lee Krasner was born in 1908 to Russian-Jewish immigrant parents. Krasner was the first in her family to be born in the United States, just nine months after her parents and older siblings emigrated due to growing anti-Semitic sentiment in Russia. At home in Brownsville, Brooklyn, the family spoke a mix of Yiddish, Russian, and English, though Krasner favored English. Krasners parents ran a grocery and fishmonger in East New York and often struggled to make ends meet. Her older brother Irving, to whom she was very close, read to her from classic Russian novels like Gogol and Dostoevsky. Though she was a naturalized citizen, Krasner felt connected to her parents’ homeland. Later in life, she often bristled at the suggestion that she was a fully American artist. Lee Krasner (American, 1908-1984). Untitled, 1948. Oil on canvas. 18 x 38 in. (45.7 x 96.5 cm). Promised gift of Craig and Caryn Effron, P.1.2008. The Jewish Museum, New York.  © The Pollock-Krasner Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Education Krasner always showed a sense of initiative. At an early age, she decided that the arts-focused, all-girls Washington Irving High School in Manhattan was the only school she wanted to attend, as its arts focus was a rarity at the time. Krasner was initially denied entry to the school due to her Brooklyn residence, but she eventually managed to gain admission. Perhaps ironically, Krasner excelled in all classes except for art, but she passed because of her otherwise exceptional record. During high school, Krasner abandoned her given name Lena and took on the name Lenore, inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe character. After graduation, Krasner attended the Cooper Union. She was very popular (though not necessarily academically successful) and was elected to various school offices. At Cooper Union, she changed her name once again, this time to Lee: an Americanized (and, notably, androgynous) version of her given Russian name. Having attended two art-centric girls schools, the idea of being a woman artist was not remarkable to the young Krasner. It was not until she went to the National Academy of Design that she encountered resistance to her chosen career path. She was riled by the idea that women were sometimes kept from doing what the male artists were permitted to do at the traditionally-minded institution. Ernst Haas / Getty Images Life as a Professional Artist 1929 was a notable year for Krasner. That year marked the opening of the Museum of Modern Art, which exposed her to the Modernist style and the enormous possibility it represented. 1929 also marked the beginning of the Great Depression, which spelled disaster for many aspiring artists. Krasner joined the Works Projects Administration (WPA), which employed artists for various public art projects, including the many murals on which Krasner worked. It was on the WPA that she met critic Harold Rosenberg, who would later go on to write a seminal essay on the Abstract Expressionists, as well as many other artists. Krasner lived with Igor Pantuhoff, a fellow painter of Russian origin and an alumni of the National Design Academy, for most of their ten-year relationship. However, Pantuhoffs parents held anti-Semitic views of Krasner, and the two never married. (Pantuhoff realized his mistake after he left the relationship, and he eventually went to New York to win Krasner back. By that time, Krasner had already taken up with Jackson Pollock, who, in his typically bellicose fashion, physically chased Pantuhoff from the premises.) Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollack in east Hampton, ca. 1946. Photo 10x7 cm. Photograph by Ronald Stein. Jackson Pollack and Lee Krasner papers, ca. 1905-1984. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Relationship With Jackson Pollock In the late 1930s, Krasner took classes led by the expressionist painter and famed pedagogue Hans Hofmann. She also joined the Artist Union. In 1936, at an Artist Union dance, Krasner met Jackson Pollock, whom she would meet again several years later when they both exhibited their work in the same group exhibition. In 1942, the couple moved in together. Pollock’s rise to fame, stewarded by his wife, was meteoric. In 1949 (the year he and Krasner married), Pollock was featured in Life Magazine under the title, â€Å"Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?† Some accounts suggest that Krasner spent so much time promoting her husband’s career that she did not have time to dedicate herself to her own work. However, this version of history is misleading. In Springs, Long Island, where the couple bought a house soon after they married, Krasner used an upstairs bedroom as her studio while Pollock worked in the barn. Both were known to work furiously, and would (when invited) visit each others studios for advice and critique. However, Pollocks alcoholism and infidelity damaged the relationship, and the marriage ended tragically in 1956. Krasner was away in Europe, and Pollock was driving under the influence of alcohol with his mistress and another passenger. Pollock crashed his car, killing himself and the other passenger (though sparing the life of his mistress). Krasner was bereft at losing her husband, and ultimately channeled this emotion into her work. Lee Krasner (American, 1908-1984). Gaea, 1966. Oil on canvas. 69 x 125 1/2 in. (175.3 x 318.8 cm). Kay Sage Tanguy Fund. The Museum of Modern Art, New York.  © 2010 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Artistic Legacy It was not until after Pollock’s death that Krasner began to receive the recognition she deserved. In 1965, she received her first retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. She experienced a surge of interest in her work in the 1970s, as the feminist movement was eager to reclaim art history’s lost women. The appeal of the sidelined wife of a storied American painter made Krasner a cause to champion. Krasners first retrospective in the United States opened in 1984 at the Museum of Modern Art, just months after her death at the age of 75. Her legacy lives on at the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center at Stony Brook University. Her estate is represented by Kasmin. Sources and Further Reading Hobbs, R. (1993). Lee Krasner.  New York: Abbeville Modern Masters.Landau,  E. (1995). Lee Krasner: A Catalogue Raisonnà ©.  New York: Abrams.Levin, G. (2011). Lee Krasner: A Biography. New York: Harper Collins.Munro, E. (1979). Originals: American Women Artists. New York: Simon and Schuster, 100-119.

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Week5 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week5 - Case Study Example Despite this picture of heroism, however, historical accounts indicate that the original crusade launched through the founding endeavor or St. Dominic was actually organized in a manner by which crusaders preached and begged on barefoot and plain suit. The mission failed for the objective to convert heretics and administer preaching to general public took on struggling efforts to the extent that the use of force was necessitated. Eventually, St. Dominic and the accompanying Dominicans only met with a narrow capacity to convert few French Cathars of the Languedoc. Hence, on this ground rests the basis for the claim of certain historians that crusades are considered â€Å"successful failures.† I further agree that such crusades made failures that amounted to victory for the zeal of the First Crusade did not merely subside but rather served as a source of motivation for the Second, Third, and Fourth Crusades. Nevertheless, hostilities and misfortunes emerged upon the Second Crusade when crusaders were severely defeated by the Muslims, paralyzing their ability to regain Jerusalem which in 1187 fell into the military clutches of Saladin instead. Perhaps the success side pertained more on the fact that pilgrimage to Jerusalem continued yet the losing side, on the other hand, comprised the truth that for hundreds of years, cultural imperialism of Islam at the longest period was immensely far from being driven out of the Holy Land. Compared to the initial state of crusade, the latter crusades had been influenced by the advancements made to the western civilization whereby the meaning and significance of ‘crusade’ has evolved from martial into clerically contextual implications. For one, legalized persuasions within religion to convert non-believers to a certain Christian denomination may acquire the label ‘crusade’ which can be

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Pre-service teachers dealing with autism Research Paper

Pre-service teachers dealing with autism - Research Paper Example The focus in this paper is on teaching that can be considered as an art form. Educators need to make learning an enjoyable experience for their students without sacrificing the quality of education that they as teachers would deliver. There have been scholarly revisions that have been made through the years as researches and further studies are conducted to cope up with changes in views about certain subjects and theories. Research papers are being published from time to time to further explain and elaborate on certain issues that people are facing in their everyday lives. Teaching can be compared to researches as both needs to up-to-date, reliable and well-explained. Firstly, the targeted group should be recognized and not just be included in figures. Therefore, was autism properly defined in the paper or how would a person with autism react? The definition of autism was given as a developmental disorder that has not been very well expounded to the public since the early days of its detection. What is being referred to as the â€Å"autistic syndrome† is considered as a biological condition that needs the medical involvement. There have been studies about it however the public is not well-aware of why and how it transpires. The general public still has questions on how they would treat people who has the disorder. Even educators have questions on what teaching style or approach would be effective for students with autism. ... Even educators have questions on what teaching style or approach would be effective for students with autism. As further reading was made on the paper, a question arises as to why a little attention was given to what supposed to be the sample group for the teachings which is being designed. There has been very little effort that has been made through the years to further educate the public about autism. For a teaching method to be considered as well-planned and deliberated, the targeted group should be verified and known. The research paper only focused on the educators and how and what lessons would be given to the group of students who are mentally challenged. However, it was not identified on how these students would behave and react in certain situations especially with the approach that the pre-service teachers will be using. The design or structure that was used in the paper can be said to be straight to the point. However, it was only done in a way that only one end of the pro ject would benefit. As it has been stated previously, it was only the educators’ side that was given the attention. Consideration should also be given to the students with autism as they would also be an end benefactor of the research. The success or failure of the theories and methodologies is dependent on the way students would react on how pre-service educators would deliver the lessons to them. Therefore, students are also an important factor in this research and not just teachers. It was not the only concern that can be addressed towards the authors. Another aspect of the paper which can be a cause of uncertainty is that a couple of references that were used were quite outdated. There are more than 2 decades that separates the research paper and

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Fahrenheit 451 Essay Example for Free

Fahrenheit 451 Essay Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury and in this book I will be talking about on how this book is related to the theme censorship. I will be proving why censorship is related to the book. So why is the theme censorship important in the novel? Point IÂ  Censorship was a very important theme in Fahrenheit 451 in a lot of different ways one of them is since people are not allowed to read books, so that is the most extreme form of censorship that exists. So according to Montag he said I just want someone to hear what I have to say. And maybe if I talk long enough, itll make sense. This means that nobody understands him the way Clarisse does. Here is another one, so in this statement Captain Beatty says Its real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. So he is saying that books don’t open people’s minds they destroy them it doesn’t show how they learn, but we know that it’s not true, since some books do help us in life. And one very interesting fact about the book is when Ray Bradbury wrote about the book it was in the McCarthy era, and he as concerned about the censorship in the United States. So he got an idea about it and thought about it, and so Fahrenheit 451 was born. Point II In the paperback edition released in 1979, Ray Bradbury wrote a new coda for the book containing multiple comments on censorship and its relation to the novel. The coda is also present in the mass market paperback, which is still in print. At other times, Ray Bradbury explained the theme of the book differently. Bradbury observed that the novel touches on the alienation of people by media. Another thing is that this book and theme does have a message for all of us, it’s that the anticensorship message has often been cited by opponents of book banning in the United States. This means people also have to look out on what they are reading. ` Point III Another thing that I would like to point out is that the book explains on how Firemen also burn books, that there is censorship since they are using their materials not for job purposes but for just burning books. And that Captain Beatty there leader just cares about how his firemen finish the job, that another censorship since Beatty only cares about the money. Also how in one of the quotes a pointed out was when Montag wishes that he could be heard, he wishes that people can understand him better. That is another sign of censorship, you also can’t even touch a book, well you can but people say that they are scared of books, and even owning a book is illegal so this book does have a lot of censorship on it. Here is one very good statement in the book that I thought was good it was said by Captain Beatty according to him he said What traitors books can be! You think theyre backing you up, and they turn on you. Others can use them too, and there you are, lost in the middle of the moor, in a great welter of nouns and verbs and adjectives. Which is significant because he is saying that when you read books you keep on learning which is good but for Beatty it’s just nonsense and these books can turn you into something good, but for Beatty he thinks that you’ll turn into a bad influence for children. Conclusion: So all in all this is why the books main theme is censorship lots or burning books, no one can even own or touch a book and how people don’t even know if books are bad or good.

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Risk Management Essay -- Business Management

Risk is a commonly used term and its usually liked with bad impacts on our objectives. The Oxford English Dictionary define risk as â€Å" a chance or possibility of danger, loss, injury or other adverse consequences†. There is no agreeable technical definition of risk as it went through many developments. The first stage was the management of threats only then the term is extended to cover the threats and the opportunities which face the organisations. The latest stage which is the management of the threats, opportunities, uncertainties and its sources. Of uncertainty (Ward and Chapmen, 2003). Therefore, Dowie argues to banned use the term â€Å"risk† in the risk management because of its misleading. The definition will be used in this paper is the Australia/New Zealand standard definition which is "The chance of something happening that will have an impact on objectives" (Australia/New Zealand Standard, 1999). The reasons of using this definition are the simplicities and the coverage of the negative and positive effects on objectives. Risk management has been done for thousands of years (Bernstein, 1996). The Risk management term was first introduced in the 1950s by the insurance industry. The first text book published about risk management in 1963 titled Risk management and the Business Enterprise by Robert I. Mehr and Bob Hedges (D’Arcy and Brogan, 2001). Risk management is a integrated process and risk manger need to assist the company’s business process are constant with its strategies, and the what is the relation between risk management and the investment and performance choices (Nocco and Stulz, 2006). Organisations should develop a risk management long term strategies depending on the business environment and shareholders an... ...ment guide 2001. London: White Page. Hodgkinson, R. (2001). Enterprise-wide risk management . Risk management guide 2001, London: White Page. Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO), (2004). Enterprise Risk Management—Integrated Framework. New York: COSO. Beasley, M. Clune, R. And Hermanson, D. (2005), Enterprise risk management: An empirical analysis of factors associated with the extent of implementation. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. 24. pp. 521-531 Kleffner, A., Lee, R., McGannon, B., (2003). The effect of corporate governance on the use of enterprise risk management: evidence from Canada. Risk Management and Insurance Review 6 (1), pp.53–73. Liebenberg, A., Hoyt, R., (2003). The determinants of enterprise risk management: evidence from the appointment of chief risk officers. Risk Management and Insurance Review 6 (1), pp. 37–52.

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Apple’s Innovation Strategy Essay

Innovation strategies are important for businesses to remain viable in this competitive market. Innovation also allows businesses to set the pace for the future. Apple continues to be the known as one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world. Their innovation continues to impress consumer and remain a threat to its competitors. Apple is known for its Mac line of products. This paper will describe and evaluate Apple’s Innovative Strategy, provide information from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, and introduce the Mac Mini from Apple. Description of Innovation Strategy In today’s society, consumers want the latest technology in their homes and businesses. Apple continues to provide new products and meet the needs of the consumers. Apple has been successful because of their effective marketing and research strategies. Apple’s innovation has allowed them to produce desktops, iPads, iPods, notebooks, and wireless devices just to list some of their products (Apple Inc., 2015).. Apple continues to provide high quality, moderately priced products to consumers. The organization uses consumer surveys to get feedback on how well the products are doing in the market. The survey also provides other features consumers would like within a product. In 2014, Apple introduced the Mac Mini after the discontinuation of the server model. The Mac Mini was the first consumer desktop to be sold without display, keyboard, or mouse after Apple’s success release of the iMac (Apple Inc, 2015). The target consumers of this product are consumers changing from the traditional Windows PC. The purpose is compatibility. The Mac Mini added feature is the HDMI port which allows consumers to connect to televisions or other display as an alternative to Apple TV.

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The High Education Act Of 1968 - 1818 Words

TRIO would later evolve into a total of eight programs, yet keep the title of â€Å"TRIO.† Upward Bound (often referred to as Classic or Regular Upward Bound) would be joined by Upward Bound Math-Science, a program with a format similar to Upward Bound, but stressing and providing assistance in Math and Science, while encouraging students to pursue careers in these fields of study. Veterans Upward Bound was initiated in the 1970s to provide military veterans with the skills and support necessary to pursue a postsecondary degree (U.S. Department of Education, 2016). The Higher Education Act of 1968 authorized the beginning of the first 121 Services for Disadvantaged Students Programs (what would later become Student Support Services) (Groutt 2003b). With the election of President Richard Nixon in 1969 came the fear that the Office of Educational Opportunity, which then housed TRIO Programs, would be wiped out. Rather than dismantling the Office of Educational Opportunity, he de centralized TRIO Programs so that they would be managed via 10 regional centers, rather than via Washington (Groutt 2003b). The Presidency of Jimmy Carter would bring the administration of TRIO Programs back to Washington in 1972 (Groutt 2003b). Educational Opportunity Centers were started in 1972 to provide similar services as Educational Talent Search, but to students of all ages, rather than just middle school and high school aged students (Groutt 2003a). Named for Ronald E. McNair, anShow MoreRelatedChicano Culture And The Chicano Community1130 Words   |  5 PagesCaucasian people. Especially the Chicano community. The Chicano community were treated unfairly and didn t get the education that they needed. In order to get the necessary requirements that they needed to be successful. They found the answer in the form of walkouts. The walkouts resulted in reforming the education system to better serve the Chicano community. Not only did it reform the education system for Chicanos it set up the Chicano community for generations to come. Life in the 1960s was a hardRead MoreThe Downsides of Government Handouts697 Words   |  3 PagesAs the United States sled into a great economic depression in the early 2000’s, the people of this country grew desperate and in need of government assistance. As with any economic downfall the unemployment rate grew to a staggering high. Most families were despondent to stay afloat the poverty line on whatever means possible. But what are the effects of continuously throwing money at people even when the economy bounces back? In an editorial recognizing these effects, â€Å"Welfare Dependency DestroyingRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968 Essay872 Words   |  4 Pagesthe side of justice in the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka decision. We conclude, unanimously, that in the field of public education the doctrine of separate but equal has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. A salvation of freedom was in the making, but the m aking proved difficult indeed. The next decade brought racial war to the South. The eleven years between the Brown decision in 1954 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 appeared to be a prolonged series ofRead MoreStudent Rights Under The Law1375 Words   |  6 PagesStudent rights under the law are viewed differently when it comes to searching students in the education system. At one time all educational systems acted as a temporary parent over the students. Currently, students in K-12 education system and students in institutions of higher education are viewed differently under the law. In 1995 New Jersey v. T.L.O, two high school students were found smoking in the bathroom at school. One girl admitted to smoking but the other one denied it. TheRead MoreThe Student Movement of 1968 Essay1292 Words   |  6 PagesAfter the Revolution of 1910, the Mexican political system depended on tactics of repression, manipulation and coercion to control the actions of the opposition. In 1968 the government faced a movement that could not be controlled through the same tactics. The Student Movement of 1968 represented a changing in the political system where those who felt suppressed voiced their discontent, in spite of government suppression. Luis Echeverria, the president following the Student Movement, faced politicalRead MoreEssay about Lasting African Conributions to American Society890 Words   |  4 Pagesthat he had lived as a slave in free state and territory. The high court’s decision was that he was a slave and that the law assuring that slavery would n ot be allowed in the new territories of the United States was unconstitutional. Because of the court’s decision, it helped accelerate the Civil War. Because of the Supreme Court’s decision, the Northerners that once tolerated slavery as long as it stayed in the South knew that they must act quickly to keep slavery from expanding to the western territoriesRead MoreThe Work Of Brameld, Horton, And Freire721 Words   |  3 PagesFreud and Marx, as well as by sociologists such as W. L. Warner (Thomas, 1999). Brameld s ideologies were conceived through a curriculum experiment conducted in a rural high school in Minnesota during 1944 to 1945 (Stone, 1995). In this experiment, called the Floodwood Project, Brameld cooperatively participated with this high school s students and teachers to answer this question: â€Å"What kind of a society do we, as young citizens, want to build for tomorrow†. The students, who participated inRead MorePolitics and Policies Influencin g America’s Education of Bilingual Students1202 Words   |  5 Pagesfor bilingual education. Under a 1919 Nebraska law, no subjects were to be taught in any language other than English. Furthermore, students were forbidden from learning a foreign language until after the 8th grade (Kermit, 2005). Fear fueled the fire of foreigners, and, during a frightening time of war, America clung to the notion that all its citizens should speak only one language, English. The Civil Rights era fostered a rejuvenation of the movement toward bilingual education. Amid withRead MoreWhat Was The Impact Of The Civil Rights Movement1325 Words   |  6 PagesConstitution. It occurred between 1954 and 1968, especially in the South and was a struggle by African Americans to achieve civil rights equal to whites including equal availability in employment, housing, education, freedom to vote, equal access to public facilities, and free of racial discrimination. Before Civil Rights Movement Act, African Americans had faced a discrimination in the educational sector, military services and in the work. During the Civil Right Act, the state, federal government, andRead MoreHistory of Accounting in Nigeria725 Words   |  3 Pagesprovide and maintain a high standard of accounting in Nigeria. The Association was granted official recognition by the Federal Government of Nigeria on 28th September 1965 with the name Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), through an Act of parliament, Act No. 15 of 1965. ICAN was then inaugurated on 21st October 1965. From then onwards to August 1968, the Institute was granting automatic membership status to deserving individuals. On 1st September 1968, ICAN made it compulsory